bakhoor oud
bakhoor oud
bakhoor oud
bakhoor oud
Hayat Bakhoor Oud Incense
Hayat Bakhoor Oud Incense

Hayat Bakhoor Oud Incense

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Bakhoor Oud Incense

Hayat is a beautifully curated Bakhoor (incense) made with hand-selected wood chips scented and prepared with the finest mixture of oils.

Made exclusively for Ineerah on the beautiful island of Zanzibar - this Omani-style oriental oud will enhance the smell of any home it enters. 

Suitable to use with any incense burner. 

Please follow the instructions on the back of the box to get the best use out of your Bakhoor. 

Size: 25g 

    Care instructions:

    • Be aware that food and liquids containing oils, acids and strong pigments can cause some slight marking or discolouration over time.
    • Take extra care when holding burner as can get hot when incense is burning
    • Whilst in use keep away from all flammable items and safely away from pets and kids
    • Wipe down with a clean damp sponge and dry after every use to keep in optimal condition
    • We suggest you use incense with an internal bamboo stick (these are common incense stick variety). This will allow you to easily remove the remaining stick once it has finished burning. Feel free to vacuum the ash from the bowl after each use or dispose safely in the bin once cool.

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    benefits of

    Bakhoor / Incense

    Incense calms the body, removes destructive and negative energies, provides enhanced awareness, reduces fear, invokes a feeling of vigor and harmony, and enhances mental functionality

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